Kindle Fire? Q&A? I don’t want your children.

Colleen Hoover

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway for one.  Last winner won an ipad mini, so Kindle gets play this time.

First, a few things to clear up a lot of mass confusion.

I have a novella coming out next week on October 14th.  I wrote this novella and intended to give it away only on my blog for free, but now, thanks to Atria Books, it will be available for free on Amazon, B&N and iTunes.

The pre-order link went live yesterday for Amazon US and several other countries. As soon as I get links for itunes and B&N, I’ll post them here.  However, some countries are showing a price for the ebook.  If your country is showing a price, PLEASE do not pay and pre-order until we get this figured out.  I’m hoping it’s a mistake, as the book should be free, so give us a…

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