Me. Candid. And a little bit speechless.

Another one from the amazing Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover


I don’t have very many of them, which is unusual considering I’m a writer.  But after tonight, I’m finding it hard to find them.

I have five published books out now and two more on the way.  You guys made them all New York Times bestsellers.  How does an author repay that?  How does an author thank the readers who made five out of five of her books NYT’S FREAKING BESTSELLERS!?

I wanted to show you my thanks, so I wrote you all a free novella, Finding Cinderella.  After my publishers got word that I was putting out a free novella, I expected their response to be, “What?!?  WHY? You can get MONEY for that! SELL. IT. YOU. IDIOT!”

Instead, they offered to edit it for me, make a full cover jacket and distribute it online themselves, knowing they would never make a penny off of it.  Why?  Because…

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